“POTOFU TRY!!” invites creators in various fields to try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. At first, Parico, an illustrator who also created the illustration for the top page of POTOFU, commented on the public profile page where cute illustrations shine.


What if illustrator parico
makes POTOFU

<This is the point!>

For the links list, I made the supplementary text as concise as possible, so that it is easy to reach both the business person and the general public. It seems to be good for organizing exhibition information and participation events.

Activities are set to display only those with #potofu on Instagram. On the premise that you can jump to any link if you are interested, in addition to recent pictures you like, pictures from a few years ago that do not come out unless you go back considerably are also adjusted so that they are displayed with less scrolling. I did it.

Using warm colors for the background image, I prepared an image that simply personifies the ingredients of pot-au-feu. I would like to think again about how it will look in summer! (parico)

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  • Vol.4

    Illustrator sakiyama

  • Vol.3

    Animation artist Komugiko 2000

  • Vol.2

    Multi creator Kasoku Sato

  • Vol.1

    Illustrator parico

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