“POTOFU TRY!!” is where creators from various fields try out POTOFU and ask for custom points. This time, sakiyama, is a popular illustrator who has also worked on animation music videos by musicians, merchandise, and apparel collaborations. We received a comment on a simple and powerful profile page where the background is filled with brushstroke patterns characteristic of black and white color schemes.


What if illustrator sakiyama
makes POTOFU

<This is the point!>

I made it quickly in about 30 minutes. I set a simple design that I often use for the background.

I have set “Twitter,” “Instagram,” and “Pixiv,” which are used in the main, and personal websites that summarize their biographies on “links list”. I linked Twitter (only images mode) and Instagram to “activity.” Since Twitter and Instagram often post the same, we set Instagram to display only the first one so that the thumbnail does not overlap too much.

Being able to see multiple services at once is convenient and attractive, both from the standpoint of use and viewing. In my case, I also post photos other than the work on Twitter, so in terms of showing only the work, I think it would look even better if I use the option “show only the activities with #potofu tag”.

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  • Vol.4

    Illustrator sakiyama

  • Vol.3

    Animation artist Komugiko 2000

  • Vol.2

    Multi creator Kasoku Sato

  • Vol.1

    Illustrator parico

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